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An ode to Paul Pierce!
May 8, 2012, 4:32 PM
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Put Da Team on My Back

After Sunday nights debacle against the Atlanta Hawks, It reminded me of Paul Pierce in his younger days. It was unbelievable how good he played the other night. He finished with 24 points. Most will now say, “wow 24 points isnt that much”. He only did that in 17 minutes! He finished with +33 when he was on the floor. It was a game for the ages for Paul.

Here is some other good Paul Pierce Highlights from that game.


Here is Paul Pierce doing his rendition of Tebowing

and finally here is Paul Pierce going hard to Lose Yourself



Watching these videos its hard not to love this guy. Sticking with the team his whole career. We will be telling our children about Paul Pierce much like our parents talk about Larry Bird. He is a sure fire Hall of Famer who is scored over 20000 points. Pierce is going to put on a show tonight as well. Have fun watching!

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Paul Pierce has definitely been my favorite Celtic to watch growing up. The guy bleeds green and I’m glad he has been part of Boston sports. The guy has been there through the bad and the good. You can only respect I guy who shows his kind of heart and courage, he will be missed when he retires. There is no doubt about it, and it will be strange not seeing number 34 in the starting lineup too.

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