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Celtics post-allstar break success!
April 11, 2012, 1:45 PM
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Celtics beat Heat Recap


New Big 3 vs Original Big 3 with a little Rondo action


Last night the Celtics had a very strong victory against the Miami Heat. They won 115-107 and had the lead for the majority of the game. Pierce scored 27 points for the Celtics and the whole team looked good. Since the All-Star break they have been really good, winning a league leading 18 games. This team finally had a chance to mold together after an offseason which lost Glen Davis and added a throng of new bench players. Now it seems once deemed bust Avery Bradley will be a starter entering the playoffs and Ray Allen will come of the bench but still play about the same amount of minutes he usually does. This is the 2nd time the Celtics have beat the Heat in the past 10 days. The Team is looking strong entering the playoffs.

The keys to their recent success is attributed to the big 3 playing different roles. Garnett has now moved to Center instead of playing power forward and he is really looking like a great player out there. Also the team is better in offensive and defensive efficenincy with Avery Bradley on the floor instead of Ray Allen. This is really good because Ray Allen is a great player to come off the bench and work with the second team and hit shots when our starters are resting. He will still play with Garnett and Pierce but it will be in different situations. The additions of Pietrus and Bass have shown to be monumental. We finally have a decent 2nd team to come in when the starters are out. Doc’s coaching is showing why he is one of the best in the business and I seriously think we have a shot to contend. The Heat and the Bulls are tough teams  but if we keep playing like we have, we will have a strong chance. As Kevin Garnett said after the 08 championship.. “ANNYTHINGS POSSSIBLE!!!”

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I have not been watching much basketball lately because i have always been more of a bruins fan. I always liked the celtics however and i definitely want to start watching them again. Now i know they have been doing well recently. Thanks for the post.

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