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Regardless of Score, NHL Fights always important.
February 9, 2012, 7:44 PM
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Lucic releasing some steam in loss to Sabres


After last nights game against the buffalo sabres, there is really nothing good to highlight about it. The Boston Bruins lost 0-6 and were dominated right out of the gates. Ryan Miller put on an amazing performance stopping 36 pucks flown his way. Tuukka Rask started the game for the Bruins but was subbed out immediately after his 3rd goal given up. He didn’t look like his mind was in it at all. After Tim Thomas came in it looked as though there might be a chance but that was quickly stifled by Sabres as they lit the lamp up 3 more times against him as well. It was an ugly game that included 57 penalty minutes for the Bruins and 33 penalty minutes for the Sabres.

After reading another blog about the game, the creator brought up an argument that fighting isn’t really that important. I disagree. I believe even if your down to get into a fight is to show you still care, it helps relieve some steam that you may have had throughout a tough loss, and simply show another man who how you feel with your fists.

Miller, goalie of the Sabres, said of the Bruins. “It just goes to show, if you hang in there and play good hockey, that stuff really doesn’t matter.” Clearly this is coming from a goalie. Hockey fights are as important as ever in any game. Hockey fights simply add more fans to the game then keep fans away. They will never be removed from the game.

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I also believe fighting is important, if you cant beat them at least beat them up.

Comment by Cameron

I totally agree Kenny. Fights are a huge part of the game and always will be. Not only for pride when your down by six but even if it is a close game and someone makes a dirty hit on your teammate. Kicking someone from the other teams ass is going to get your team pumped up. The B’s are one of the toughest teams out there.

Comment by epcoulombe

That game was devastating, and hard to watch. But I completely agree fighting is important, it shows that even though they are losing, it shows that they care. If they weren’t fighting that means that they don’t care that they are losing, which would be annoying. It is quite unfortunate that many fans just come for the fights, but its true fights bring more fans in.

Comment by almedeiros

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